e-Business Register

E-Business Register is a single point of contact for entrepreneurs to communicate with the government. It enables to register a new company over the internet, change data in the business register, file annual reports, administrate members list of political parties and make detailed inquiries about other companies. It is a secure and fast tool for administrating your company in e-Gov.

e-Business Register


Administrative costs and „red-tape“ has been reduced significantly, so that a world record in registering a new legal entity within 18 minutes became possible. E-Business Register accepts foreign digital signatures which has increased the number of potential users up to 20 million.

History, Facts and Future Development

First version of E-Business Register was launched in 1999 and in 2002 first annual e-reports were received. In 2007 Company Registration Portal was launched and in 2008 foreign digital signatures were accepted. Since 2010 annual reports are submitted in XBRL format . In 2009 70% of all company submissions were made over the interne in E-Business Register.  E-Business Register is a European Union-funded project.


Database: PostgreSQL 9.1; Programming language Python 2.6; Application server: mod_wsgi; Web server:Apache 2.2; Operating System: CentOS 6


E-Business Register has been nominated and highlighted in several competitions around EU. To name few: as a nominee in e-inclusion, Good Practice Label 2007, European Enterprise Awards – good practice of reducing red-tape, European Business Awards as a Ruban d’Honneur, Estonian nominee for World Summit Awards 2009 and a finalist of European eGovernment Awards 2009.

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